8 August

Where to go Walking in Devon

Where to go Walking in Devon

Between the office, public transport, cars and the couch, us modern-day humans end up spending a fair proportion of our life cooped up indoors. Pity that, because nothing boosts the spirits like fresh air and nature, both of which Devon has in spades. Not only is the county home to two National Parks (Exmoor and ...

20 May

Changing Travel Habits Within The UK

Changing Travel Habits Within The UK

The rise of business trips and visiting friends and family Younger people are more likely to extend business trips into personal holidays, unlike their peers, according to one study. Additionally, 80% of young people. who travel on business, believe that travel reviews are extremely important in making decisions. This coincides with the increasing popularity of ...

6 November

3 Blazing Bonfire Night Recipes

3 Blazing Bonfire Night Recipes

It was BONFIRE NIGHT yesterday, meaning that the upcoming weeks will be bursting with fireworks and sparklers. We don’t know about you, but we don’t think that there is anything much better than huddling around a bonfire wrapped up in scarves, gloves and woolly hats, and munching on some tasty treats while you watch the ...

30 October

Christmas in Hawaii with the Festival of Lights!

Christmas in Hawaii with the Festival of Lights!

Fancy Christmas in the sun but don’t want to miss out on feeling festive? Our Hawaii holiday homes are perfect for you, thanks to the Kauai Festival of Lights! The festival, which begins on the first Friday of December and runs through until Christmas Eve, exhibits a majestic display of Christmas folk art in the ...

15 June

Discovery – The Name

The following blog will explain the reason we chose  Discovery Holiday Homes as our company name and to give a little insight into what discovery means for human kind and why it has been adopted by large corporations world-wide and instils such emotion in the human soul. The boring explanation is that the word “discover” ...

23 May


RENTAL NATION AT RISK!  BLOCKADE IN PLACE! It looks as though the rental industry is shaping up for a battle royal, fighting over a nation, who so far hasn’t had a say in their own destiny! We are beginning to get the distinct impression that this nation of home owners, managers, agents and support services ...

11 May

Brands vs Search – Where is it going?

Last week we spoke to a few management companies who were bemoaning their lot when its comes this year’s rental occupancy levels and owners outlays on updating properties! In particular they were talking about “Devon and Cornwall Cottage Holidays”. Oddly our bookings are up, not down and this begged the question, why? I’m sure its not because we are any cleverer, but there must be reasons. In this particular region we have a modest portfolio of large and small cross budget properties so the spread is good and the need to market hundreds of properties is not necessary with its more complex strategies. Also year on year occupancy stats from local offices and Govt. are relatively stable.

27 April

Our First Apps! Go Native!

Our Mobile Apps for Holiday Rentals. This month we have launched our first mobile apps for Discovery Holiday Homes. Like most apps, websites and marketing tools, they are work in progress and will continue to be so, for ever, no doubt.  It has been a great learning curve and as the apps are developed by ...

13 April

The March of Mobile!

The mobile market has been lauded as the future of browsing, data access, payment systems, targeted marketing and much more. There has been a massive uptake of smart phones and everywhere we look, iPAD’s and tablets abound. We thought it may be helpful to other rental companies to publish a few stats from our own ...

9 March

Villas – Everywhere!

VILLAS – what types, where are they , why rent? Travellers when asked where they would like to stay on their dream holiday, will often say “A villa on the slopes of a well-known ski resort, or a villa overlooking a clear tranquil Mediterranean sea with an infinity pool. Others may decide on a villa ...