Professional Photos Make all the Difference

Posted by on Jan 28, 2012 in Holiday Home Rentals | 2 Comments

It’s so competitive out there, and the holiday home market is no different from any other with thousands of apartments, houses & villas jostling to grab the attention of the rental public. To get the sort of attention you hope for, the number one priority is to make sure your property listing has lots of visual appeal – in other words, great professional photos showing off every room to it’s best. Discovery Holiday Homes can capture your holiday home perfectly, reflecting the lifestyle, personality and taste of the interiors. High quality presentation of your home is vital to attract holiday home guests.

The photographs of a property is almost always the first element in any holiday home page that connects your holiday home with the owner and rental guest. It is the handshake, the first impression, the thing that cuts through the visual clutter to capture attention. Everything on the website page to rent your holiday home relies on the quantity and quality of the photographs of your interior & exterior. Many times, potential guests will decide if they will stay in a property based on the strength (or weaknesses) of the photos ~ high quality images can and will make a difference, a big difference!

Before & After Shots!

“Location, location, location” is the common buzz phrase when advertising a home. However, “Photography, photography, photography” will soon be the new advice when showcasing a holiday home to its very best. When you look at the difference between photos taken by a professional and ones taken the owners digital cameras, it’s not hard to see that you get what you pay for. Professional photographers use professional equipment, have the skills set to use it and they have a trained eye for making your home look its best. This is their job, they’re professionals. And paying to have professional photo sets, in comparison, is not really expensive when you consider the benefits in rental income.

Whitstable Holiday Home

Seaduction in Whitstable, Kent

What does all this mean? The Internet is the most powerful tool you can use when displaying your unique holiday property. According to results, photography does sell and when you have high quality professional images for your marketing tools, you win by:

  • Generating more interest
  • Attracting more viewers & enquiries
  • Generating higher rental tariff
  • Faster bookings throughout the year

If you want to market your property through Discovery Holiday Homes, we provide this photographic service free of charge. Your new property photographs will be displayed in all their glory alongside your property listing which is also free for life on our website.